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Eurocreme - First Crush - Penthouse Sex Party

There's a boy party in a swank city penthouse and all the cutest boys are cumming and cumming and cumming again!
He looks a bit like a computer nerd, or a young Clark Kent, with his thick glasses and somewhat clumsy way of fishing around in his jeans for an address, but Jamie Reeves catches your attention spot on as soon as this sex romp begins when he tells us he's been invited to a sex party. As his photo on the cover proves, he's a seriously handsome young man once those glasses come off, but before they do, he uses them to peer at some exciting preludes to his own encounter in this sweetly moving, all-sex festival of British boys fucking in London.
Jamie makes his way into the penthouse and gets a fast intro to the action with two couples already in full-fledged action. On the stairs, tall and exotic Mike Richards and the thinner, smaller black-haired monkey-faced cutie Harley Harris are already out of their shirts and into each other's jeans, while to the left in a loo, tall long-faced Matt Taylor is having his way with the smaller, cute dirty-blond Andrew Dean as both have already gone down to their boxer briefs. While Jamie observes and fondles his cock through his jeans, the action proceeds in clever scene edits that show Andrew mostly servicing Matt's huge cock and Harley doing his best to keep Mike orally satisfied, sitting on the steps and munching and licking and sucking on Mike's long, fat, throbbing veined pecker. The couples so resemble each other, and the action which sees the taller guys dominate is so similar, that it could run the risk of being confusing -- but it's exceptionally well edited and besides, the cocks are great. The difference is that Harley and Andrew are clearly voracious bottoms, which Matt proves by taking Andrew and in a sit-fuck that brings Andrew to a gushing climax while being impaled. He then gets down alongside Matt and takes his load into his mouth and licks it all up. Meanwhile, Mike and Harley have found an easy chair which is just fine for Harley to lean into and throw his legs up missionary for Mike's fat plunger, after which will do, thank you. There are very nice penetration and plunge close-ups here, culminating in Harley's load exploding out of him while being fucked. He then takes Mike's gusher into his mouth and licks it up, ending with a kiss.
Jamie has been lurking about and opening doors, behind one of which are the blond flecked, tattooed skater type Josh McKenzie (looks like a combination of Czech stars Ray Renfro and Cameron Jackson) and the very handsome, black-haired classic British preppy Steve Drake (slight resemblance to Jamie), who's already out of his pants and in his grey briefs while tongue-pierced Josh is grappling with his promising bulge and trying to get out of his boxer briefs at the same time. He manages to do that while latching onto Steve's enormously long, fat rod, nestled between thick thighs covered with nice black hair -- this guy is an orgasm in the making just looking at him spread-eagled, but he's hungry for cock, too and in Josh's he finds a very special treat, neatly stiff, long, fat, upturned and delicious (both look like they've have had their pubes shaved and both sport new growths). They service each other some more and slip into a 69 before Steve plows Josh sweetly in a then missionary, shoving the cum out of Josh's cock in huge spurts before bathing his bottom's abs with his own juice.
In another bedroom, the sweet-faced cutie Garry Quirk is sucking the cock of the exotic brunet Patrick Farrell, whose own dong is in the mouth of pretty-boy Ryan Dillon. Meanwhile, our nerdy Jamie has climbed the stairs to view this as the ultra sexy hunkish Danny Davis shows up to cruise him. Our trio is still eating away. Garry, who could be cast in the role of an apprentice sailor on a British man-of-war, and Ryan, whose looks and hair cut make him a candidate for homecoming king, are perfect foils for the more raver-type Patrick, who winds up doing most of the cocksucking and is eventually given a nice smooth scissor-fuck by Garry. After cumming on himself while being fucked, Patrick waits for both of the other boys to dump their loads, sweetly licking up their remains as they wind each other down.
By now Danny, whose blond highlights are like a cockscomb on his black natural hair, has taken his first steps toward Jamie, wrapped his arms around him and kisses him. They make their way to a bedroom where Danny, who sports a two-day beard, and has that younger George Michaels look, removes Jamie's glasses -- voila! Clark Kent becomes Superman! Shorn of their shirts, they fool with each other's cocks through their jeans and then their briefs -- this is a hallmark of director Simon Booth's approach to sex that should be adapted by others. The anticipation of cock is sometimes just as satisfying as the discovery of flesh (well, sometimes), and Booth is a master at raising the temperature this way. Jamie, for his part, is a master at raising the temperature as well, Danny's and ours, for he is a wonderfully loving cocksucker, finding Danny's ultra-hard bone upturned, aching and waiting to be kissed, licked and sucked. Though well-hung himself, Danny finds a magnificent prize when he finally eats his way into Jamie's briefs for his treat -- long, very long, fat, nicely fat, veiny, very veiny, and eminently edible. What is also wonderful about these two is that they have not been shaved down -- both have naturally bushy crotches and Jamie's body hair extends upward in very light swaths of black that are spectacularly sexy on his pale white abs and chest. They give each other loving blowjobs until Danny dives in briefly to lick Jamie's hole for a nice missionary-fuck that segues without an edit into a sidesaddle. There is a great deal of kissing, and once again, without an edit, Danny eases out and Jamie gets up, bends over and helps Danny into a standing- until he spurts a super shot from that enormous wang. Jamie then gets on his knees and waits for Danny to jerk off into his mouth -- the load is sweet, heavy and Jamie takes it, swirls it around, rises and snowballs his new boyfriend with a kiss -- and leaves us with nothing but a mess on our hands.

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